9 Totally Disappointing Beauty Products

I love talking about beauty products. There’s a lot of it on this blog, and I love recommending the products that I think are AWESOME. You may well have seen me talk about them. Skincare, make up; there’s always something that I’m happy to share and publicly praise. Buuuut I realised the other week that I don’t talk much about the products I don’t like. The disappointing beauty products. The “meh”s and the “urgh”s.

So, yep, here I am with a post all OVER that. These are products that I’ve either actively disliked or that just haven’t worked for me. Or, in the case of a couple, that I just haven’t found anywhere near as good as they’re hyped up to be. I’m fully aware that some of these are hugely popular. Maybe I’ve just got a weird face. Maybe everybody ELSE has a weird face. Either way, they disappointed me. And, in the interests of remaining impartial and trustworthy and all that, I’m sharing them with you now. Right now.


9 Totally Disappointing Beauty Products - a list including Urban Decay's Naked Smoky, Origins VitaZing and GinZing moisturisers, Barry M's It's A Brow Thing brow powder, Pixi's Double Cleanse, and Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer






Shock horrroorrrrrr. Look, I love Urban Decay, I really do. Their Naked 2 palette remains my most-used beauty product ever (I’ve been through about three of them). Their mascaras are decent, their eyeliners are great, blushes and foundations are also pretty good. But this palette? MEH. A few months before it came out I read this fairly bad review, and it did put me off a bit. But I persevered, because Me + Smoky Eyes = 4Eva.

I kind of wish I hadn’t been so stubborn. For almost £40 this palette just is not good enough. The shadows are nowhere near as rich and buttery as previous offerings. The colour pay-off is poor. And the layout is bizarre to me…why are the dark colours in the middle?! Finally, and this is probably where the whole It’s Just Me thing comes in, the colours do not suit me At All. Not one tiny bit. I’m brunette, and blue-toned colours do noooooot look good on my face. It’s such a shame. This is one of the very most disappointing beauty products I’ve ever tried.


Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette - one of the 9 sadly disappointing beauty products I'm talking about on this list!



Arggghhh. This one must be just me. I see SO many people RAVE about this foundation. But, no. Not only do the shades run incredibly orange (and I’m more pink-toned, so, bad), but the finish. OH THE FINISH. The foundation balled up and streaked as I applied it. It shrank and dried my face to a husk. And yes, it’s a matte foundation and I do have dry skin, so definitely take that into account, but. But. I’ve never gone back.



Hey, so if someone could explain to me where all the rave reviews for this stuff come from, that’d be great. Because seriously. I. Don’t. Get. It. I know I don’t have the best lashes in the world. They’re fairly average length, average curl, average thickness. But this mascara did almost nothing to them. I can’t deny that it separates and fans them out very nicely, so big up Lancôme, good brush. But that is where any success ended. Maybe I got a bad batch? Who knows. What I do know is that this mascara gives me no length, no curl, and barely any colour. Such a disappointment after all the rave reviews. And the money…


Lâncome's Hypnôse Volume-À-Porter Mascara - one of the 9 sadly disappointing beauty products I'm talking about on this list!



I’m pretty much literally sitting on my hands as I type this. Any long-term reader of this blog will know that I ADORE La Roche-Posay, and the Effaclar range is pretty much my spiritual home. But OH my goodness I just could not get on with this product. And I tried so hard. I tried again, and again, and again. So many bloggers thought it was incredible. People who I admire and enjoy reading thought it was amazing. But me…well, on me it just was Horrible. It’s such a beautiful, dreamy, bouncy texture. But on my skin it balled up and disappeared and sucked all moisture out into the ether. I’d put it on, think “Hm, not bad actually”, and then 10 minutes later would visibly age about 20 years. I was so gutted that this became one of my disappointing beauty products. Such a shame.



I clearly just have Weird Skin. This is another product that people go batty for, and yet it did nothing for me. Nothing that a £5 primer couldn’t do, anyway. These days I use a Rimmel primer and it does about the same job. Smoothes a bit. Holds the makeup a bit longer. Sadly, this Smashbox primer is pointless for the money.


Barry M's It's A Brow Thing Brow Powder - one of the 9 sadly disappointing beauty products I'm talking about on this list!



Hm. I bought this stuff on the recommendation of another blogger and was SO disappointed. Because WOOOOOOAH. As mentioned, I’m brunette, and my eyebrows are reasonably dark. But I tend to buy medium shades in brow products, because anything darker looks ridiculous. The shade of this brow powder is Medium, and, Well. It’s basically like a sponge, coated in powder, on a stick that you pull out of the tube. I had to treat it like a WW2 bomb, because if I accidentally moved the wrong way (or breathed, or existed) the powder spilled EVERYWHERE. And yes, it smudges. And when I did manage to get it on my brows, it made me look like this. Not a fan.






I love Origins, I do. Their masks are fabtastic. But this…this moisturiser. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get on board. No matter how long I leave it to sink into my skin, it always wrecks any make up that goes over the top. Destroys it. It almost seems to CLING to foundation, and smear it into strange patterns. It’s a shame, because the GinZings mask is AMAZE.


Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer and VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer - one of the 9 sadly disappointing beauty products I'm talking about on this list!



Waaah. Not only are Origins here again, but this stuff so let me down. SO much. I remember the first time I used it – applying in the bathroom, hoping for a miracle. I was in the first trimester of a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, and felt absolutely rotten. My face looked pale and sickly and horrid, and when I smoothed this moisturiser into my skin I REJOICED! Because, there, in the mirror looking back at me, was a lady with lovely skin. Her skin was smooth and had a healthy glow. It looked fake-tanned, almost. And she skipped off (well, slumped off) to enjoy her day. Except…three hours later she looked in the mirror again and gasped in shock! Her healthy glow had streaked, just like bad fake tan. It had streaked, and her face looked, well. Revolting.

I tried this stuff a few more times, but unfortunately it has to join the list of disappointing beauty products. Beautiful at first application, horrendous after a few hours. So sad.



*hides* Yes, I’m saying it. I Don’t Like This Product. I Don’t Think It’s Good. *hides again*. Look, for people who may not know Caroline Hirons, she is a skincare genius who helped to shake up so many people’s skincare routines for the better. And she worked with Pixi to develop this unique cleanser – one pot that contains both a cleansing balm and a cleansing cream. I love me a cleansing balm. I ADORE me a cleansing cream. But…oh.

Look, for me, neither of these worked. I still try to use it, because y’know. But it continues ever the same. The balm doesn’t help to remove make up. I’m always left with mascara residue even after double cleansing, which never happens with other balms. The cream, I’m afraid, just feels like any other cream. It’s fragrance-free, which never sits well with me as I loooove a good smell, but it’s not just that. I’ve got far, far cheaper cleansing creams that feel nicer. This, for me, is the biggest disappointment in all the disappointing beauty products. I was so looking forward to its release. But now, I keep it in my gym bag because it’s easily transported. Yep, the most lauded skincare release in the past year or so is relegated to my after-gym shower. Sorry 🙁



Those products are the maximum that I can think of, For Now. I may well write a Version 2 in the future, because as much as there are products that I love, there are always products I dislike, too. But, like I say, sometimes I can only think that it must be Me. So many people enjoy and gain benefit from the disappointing beauty products above! I mean, I have quite dry skin that is definitely showing signs of age; I’m more pink-toned than yellow; and I enjoy a nice glass of wine of an evening or even heading out on a country walk. Oh wait, this isn’t a dating site.

Anyway. Have you had the same experience as me with any of these? Or have you had a totally OPPOSITE experience? Let me know, we can duke it out at dawn.

Fancy a share?

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  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    7th July 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Love this idea for a post! I’m completely with you on Lancome Hypnose, it was such a let down for me, just left my lashes looking clumpy. The Origins VitaZing I was disappointed in but for different reasons – it didn’t give me any kind of a tint or glow, and didn’t cut it for me on the moisture front. But I can’t believe you didn’t like GinZing – it’s my favourite summer moisturiser – so light and such a gorgeous smell!

    1. viechoufleur

      23rd July 2017 at 7:24 am

      Yes, the VitaZing didn’t give me enough noisturisation either! It’s possibly just my skin with the Ginzing but oh gosh it was terrible to apply makeup over! X

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