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I know consumerism isn’t exactly the ideal altar to worship at. And I know that it’s not great that so much of my sense of self-worth is tied up in my appearance. But hey, it is what it is, yo. I can try to do all I can to be less materialistic and more altruistic. I can work on validating myself apart from how my skin looks, or how thin I am (or am not, as the case usually is). But I refuse to believe that there is any shame whatsoever in loving products purely because using them makes me feel better about me. Here are a selection of my favourite confidence boosting beauty products.

Need some shortcuts to feeling better about yourself? Here are some confidence boosting beauty products that will make you feel better about YOU.



I’ve been through phases in my life of using fake tan / not giving a rat’s ass about using fake tan, but even when I’m in a Love phase with the stuff it’s still SUCH a ball-ache. Applying it yourself is bad enough; streaky orange legs is the worst. And yet I love, LOVE that golden glow. Obviously we all now know that a tan isn’t actually healthy (we all know that, right??), but it still looks great and has the power to make you feel fantastic. Despite the faff of fake tan products. However, a few months ago I gave Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs a whirl, and it was instant love. Barely any Fake Tan Faff – you just spray it on, rub on, leave a few mins, and go. Instant colour, instant smoothness. It’s like leg foundation. And yeah, it washes off the next time you get in the shower, but for those few hours it’s all LOOK AT MY LEGS THEY LOOK GREAT. It just plain makes me feel great. One of the quickest and easiest confidence boosting beauty products!

Available here from Boots – £9.99 for 75ml



Perfume is surely one of the very first products in any confidence boosting arsenal. Fragrances evoke such vivid memories and feelings, don’t they? For me, Guerlain’s Insolence is my confidence boosting scent. I first bought the perfume purely because the advert featured a song by my favourite band. True story. Anyway, I fell head over heels in love with the Parma Violets But Grown Up scent, and wore it faithfully for years. I tend to have patches of time where I don’t touch it – mainly when I’ve decided that it’s too popular, because I’m an idiot like that. But I always come back to it. I’m never without a bottle. Spritzing it on makes me feel like me. It makes me feel like I smell incredible, and that I am incredible. I’ve been wearing it a fair bit at the moment, can you tell? (Side note: it looks like there’s a new bottle now and I am HERE for it).

Available here from – £49.00 for 30ml

Need some shortcuts to feeling better about yourself? Here are some confidence boosting beauty products that will make you feel better about YOU.



Body moisturising is a funny thing. It’s so easy to skip – who has the time to faff about with smoothing and rubbing after jumping out of the shower? But, if you do take the time, the rewards are there. Firstly, your entire body feels soft and smells great all day. Secondly, constant moisturising really does help to counter against saggy or wrinkling skin. And finally, it’s definitely one of the best confidence boosting beauty products. It just makes you feel GOOD. When I’m at my lowest ebbs, I go for weeks without moisturising my body, just as I skip all forms of self-care (as a form of self-harm, I guess). But if I push myself, if I make that effort…it makes me feel so, SO much better about Me. For me, Vichy’s Ideal Body Balm* ticks all the boxes. It smells incredible, and makes me skin feel amazing. I’ve raved about it before, and won’t stop.

Available here from Boots – £13.50 for 200ml



Whilst I try to wear foundation as little as possible these days, there are definitely times when that perfect base is necessary. As far as confidence boosting beauty products go, you can’t get much more perfect than Double Wear. This foundation is well-known, and for a reason. It really is great. Brilliant coverage, brilliant colours, brilliant finish. I automatically reach for this stuff whenever I need perfect base makeup, or whenever I’m feeling a little low about my face or skin. I don’t wear it regularly – it’s too heavy, and so perfect that it makes me feel a bit like I’m wearing a mask – but it’s great for those special occasions where I need to feel totally Done.

Available here from John Lewis – £32.50 for 30ml

Need some shortcuts to feeling better about yourself? Here are some confidence boosting beauty products that will make you feel better about YOU.



Everything feels better with a pop of bright colour. There’s no denying it, is there? My favourite place for a splash of saturation is my nails. You don’t always remember it’s there, and you don’t see it constantly, but all of a sudden it’ll catch you off guard and BAM. Look at that colour! Only a total bad-ass with all their shit together flashes colour like that, surely? Well, OK, maybe not, but still. I adore Opi nail polishes, and my ultimate favourite for giving me a confidence boost is their That’s Hot! Pink shade. I first bought it waaaay back in 2009, although I have a feeling it must’ve come out earlier than that, because that’s a Paris Hilton catchphrase isn’t it? Anyway. This is the perfect hot pink shade for my skin tone. Applying a few coats never fails to act like an instant pick-me-up. It’s just so bright, so rich, so PINK, that it does genuinely make me feel better about myself. Yep. A nail polish is a confidence boosting beauty product. Promise.

Available here from Nail Polish Direct – £7.95 for 15ml

Need some shortcuts to feeling better about yourself? Here are some confidence boosting beauty products that will make you feel better about YOU.



Confidence Boosting 101, right? Bold lip colours = WORKING IT. I know most people would choose a bold red like Mac’s Ruby Woo as part of a confidence boosting beauty products list, but, nope. Look, there are many reasons why I love and adore autumn and look forward to it from about May onwards. Jumpers, boots, crunchy grass, falling leaves, hot chocolate, my birthday, yadda yadda yadda. But, also, AUTUMN LIPSTICKS. Basically, I pretty much only ever wear lipstick in the autumn and winter, and this Rimmel shade is my very very favourite. It’s called Sloane’s Plum and it’s a deep cool-toned plum that suits my skin tone just right, and makes me feel Amazing. It makes me feel Together and Confident and all those things that I’d love to feel 24/7.

Available here from Boots – £6.49

What are your confidence boosting beauty products?


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