Best Blog Posts: October 2016

Best Blog Posts October 2016

Continuing from last month, I’m rounding up October’s best blog posts. To me, these were the very best blog posts that I had read over the past month, often for completely different reasons! Get reading, get involved, and let these people know if you also loved their writing.


Becoming A Stay At Home Mum

How Not To Make A Paw Patrol Lookout Cake

First up: a post that made me giggle. Or, snort with guilty laughter. Because this isn’t one of those super-amazing Pinterest-worthy posts that espouses slow living and quotes Keats or some other such malarky whilst displaying professional images of How To Make The World’s Most Beautiful Cake: no. This is an Actual Real Life, hilarious guide to what not to do when making a kid’s birthday cake. I’ve got to give it to Caroline for even attempting this in the first place – if I had plucked up enough courage to try, I’m not sure the kitchen would be intact.


Goblin Child

Breastfeeding Update At Two Months Old

Breastfeeding stories are one of my almost secret pleasures. I had such difficulties with TD that our breastfeeding journey was cut short at 6 months, and although I’m very proud of myself for going that distance and don’t regret stopping when we did, I love reading a HAPPY breastfeeding tale. This post is a beautiful tale about Amber’s previous breastfeeding experience, her twin girls, their personalities, and their feeding habits and journeys by way of those.


Fairies & Pirates

A Different Kind Of Post

This post is heartbreakingly important. I wish I could print it off and hand deliver it to everybody in this country who voted Leave on June 23rd. Isabella writes from the heart, detailing how much her life and head have been turned upside down since the referendum results. She has been living and working in the UK for 14 years, and yet still has no knowledge of what is to happen in her future now that Britain is to leave the EU. She talks with such honesty about her love for the UK, and the struggle of having friends who voted Leave, as well as the constant worry and uncertainty that now exists. There are so many people in her position. It’s so horrendously sad.


Little Birdie

Helmsley Walled Garden

Jen featured in last month’s best blog posts as well, and I promise that I don’t have some kind of kick-back scheme going here. It’s just that her blog posts are absolutely stunning, and some of my favourites to just sit and really read. Time seems to slow as you begin to scroll through her page, as her writing transports you to a calmer, more beautiful place. Her photography is stunning, and strikes the absolute perfect balance. I used to spend a lot of time in North Yorkshire as a child, and remember Helmsley Walled Garden with such fondness, so this post was utter blissful nostalgia for me.


Bubbablue & Me

How To Get Kids Reward Charts To Work

Somehow getting children to behave well, learn right from wrong, and do the things that they’re supposed to do is a skill that often seems out of reach. TD started having a horrid behaviour patch a few months back, and we were reaching our wits’ end. Finally, I made him a reward chart and it has worked WITH BELLS ON. This post by Emma outlines a similar process and includes some great tips on how to put reward charts into place so that they stick. There are always debates around the effectiveness of reward charts, but this advice is sensible and gentle and mirrors what we did with TD. Who is now so happy to be kind, polite, and tidy.


Big Fashionista

Dove, Once Again Straying Out Of Their Lane

This “campaign” from Dove really struck a chord with me this month. In short, they wanted to encourage people to tell their friends to post two “positive speak” tweets for every negative one. If you don’t find that hugely creepy, then you need to read Kellie’s fantastic post. Or, even if you did agree with me and found it SO out of line, still read. Kellie summarises all of my own feelings on this – how dare a company, in the business of flogging stuff to us, try to tell us what we should say and think? How dare they encourage what is essentially bullying? And why oh WHY should the word “beautiful” have anything to do with positive or negative thoughts? Are you only “beautiful” if you think POSITIVELY? The whole debacle reminded me of this old post of mine – it’s ok to not be positive constantly, and in fact, it’s probably healthier.


That’s it! The best blog posts from October. I hope you either discovered something/somebody new, or agreed with my love for any or all of them.




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  1. Emma T

    2nd November 2016 at 8:08 pm

    Thanks for featuring my post. I have to admit, the tidying isn’t great here, but for the moment reward charts are working. The hard bit will be trying to withdraw it and retain the behaviours

    Nice choice of other posts too.

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