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So, hey. Thanks for visiting Vie Choufleur. I guess the best thing to do first is explain the name, right? Why would anyone want to name their blog after a cauliflower? Especially when my actual name is Halina.

Basically “choufleur” was a dopey affectionate nickname that my husband gave me in our first year together (you know, the best year), and it just kind of stuck. My first blog incarnation was called Kitchen Choufleur, and was dedicated to food and recipes. You can still find those recipes on here, if you’d like, in the Food category. When I moved to writing about my life as opposed to my food, Vie Choufleur emerged (although let’s be honest, food is still a huge part of my life).

I write about my life, and that includes anything and everything that I please.

I’m a skincare obsessive, so you’ll likely see a lot about beauty.

I live and breathe books, food, and music, and so these things are likely to feature often.

I’m a mum to a wonderful little HIDEOUSLY BOISTEROUS OH GOD boy, and so I write about him and my place in the world as a parent.

I’m a total homebody and so I write about my home and the things I love within.

And I’m a blanket obsessive. I could probably happily marry a candle, and I’m waaaay too fond of spreadsheets, coffee, wine, and cheese. Y’know. The good stuff.

I’ll write about whatever I want and if you don’t like that then please don’t tell me because I’ll cry feel free to hit me up on any of my social media platforms, or email. Or, if you do like it then by all means let me know via the same means, buy a sky-writer, set up some billboards, y’know. Go mad. I’ll be distributing the free donuts either way.

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