A Few Of My Favourite Things – 14/46

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This week has been a bit of an odd one – starting with being cooped indoors for four days, segueing into being back at work whilst TD & N were both at home all day, and ending with me being ridiculously busy at work and constantly fighting back tears at the thought of leaving TD with his grandparents this weekend prior to mine and N’s belated honeymoon next week! Phew. It’s been an odd one. I’m very happy to be looking back at my favourite parts.



I know right, two days? Big whoop. But let’s look at this objectively – I have not looked after TD by myself, all day, since before I went back to work in October 2013. At weekends, N is usually around, and if he isn’t then one of my relatives has been (not that they live nearby or anything, that’s just the way the timing has fallen). And I don’t get days off to spend just mummy & TD, what with working full time and all. So this week when he had chickenpox and I had to take the time off to look after him at home, it was properly like being a Stay At Home Mum. And I hugely surprised myself by loving it. We played loads of games, and ate some lovely food, and had a lot of cuddles, and read a lot of books, and played with my makeup (ha), and, yes, watched a fair bit of TV. And when neither of us could bear being cooped up in the house much longer, we took a walk to a deserted park area and picked flowers. And, AND, get this, I actually hoovered and cleaned and stuff! Me! Cleaning! Maybe this SAHM thing is for me after all…

Toddler & Flowers


Toddler & Makeup




I. Want. It. All. But especially this Lemon Jewellery Box, this Terrarium, this Hanging Planter, this Pineapple Jewellery Box, and this Rug. Need all the money.



So a few weeks back we went a bit Garden Crazy and bought shed loads of fruits and veggies to plant and grow this year. Last year we grew tomatoes, chillies, and various herbs successfully – this year as part of my 30 Things Before I’m 30 I wanted to do a load more than that. We planted tomatoes, courgettes, chillies, strawberries, blueberries, green beans, and potatoes. And all of them are thriving! I feel so privileged and grateful to have a garden where we can do these things. Getting so excited for harvesting time!





I have become hugely tired of the political arena over the last couple of weeks – both the spin and untruths from the right wing camp, and the moaning, conspiracy-theories and endless speculations about bloody LABOUR from the left-wing camp. No, I’m not happy that the Tories won a majority and yes, I do think that many of their planned policies will have horrific impacts upon the most vulnerable in society, but I’m also knowledgeable that I am exposed on a daily basis to left-wing bias and so am wary of believing every single thing that comes my way. However. It isn’t often that you see people in the public eye coming out so gung-ho in defence of those far less vulnerable than them, which is why Charlotte Church’s blog post was so awesome this week. She correctly makes the (unsavoury, but true) point that any UKIP voter is justified in being annoyed at our current voting system, whilst articulately defending herself against the more shitty, ridiculous (Daily Mail) attacks against her, and encouraging others to take a stand too – showing just how much she has her head screwed on. You go girl.



Because of course!!


Hopefully next time’s Favourite Things will be full of sun, sea, and sand…


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