9 TV Shows You NEED To Watch (But Probably Haven’t)

Every now and then I remember that I’m not The Only Person In The World, and that not everyone has watched the TV shows I crazy love. But everyone SHOULD! I mean, I’m fully aware that there are some seriously huge holes in my TV education (never watched The Wire, The X Files, The West Wing, Shameless, Arrested Development, etc, etc). Still, I’ve watched and loved some absolutely BRILLIANT shows in my time: shows that I figure pretty much everyone should also watch.

I’m not talking about standards like Friends or Sherlock – not the shows that pretty much everyone has watched anyway. I’m talking about shows that have probably gone completely over your radar, or shows that you’d never think to watch. It’s so easy to miss something SO GOOD, y’know? Especially in the UK, where some big US shows seem to sink without a trace.

So here it is – a list of my must-see TV shows – TV shows that you may well not have seen, but that you really should. I am sorry though that they’re not all available for free, but they’re worth it.


A list of 9 TV shows that you probably haven't watched, but that you REALLY should.



This is a hard show to write about. It’s written by and stars Julia Davis, my Comedy Heroine #1, and is the most uncomfortable black comedy you could ever wish to see. It’s almost impossible to watch at points. And, as you may have guessed, it is HELLA HARD to write about. Basically the show follows Jill, a truly horrific human being, as she tries to ditch her husband and steal Angus Deayton from his disabled wife. Prepare for super-squicky moments, super-awkward moments, and feeling just plain SUPER UNCLEAN as the series unfolds. But, but. It is 100% hilarious. In my mind, everyone should watch it, and not only so that then everyone understands what I mean when I (frequently) say “I hate it Cath”.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: Unfortunately nowhere for free right now, but you can buy both series via iTunes, the BBC Store, Amazon Video, or on DVD.



If you haven’t watched this then A) WHAT THE HELL B) hot-foot it to Amazon right the heck now and buy the DVDs. Because this show is built around the pinnacles of all parody songs. It follows Jermaine and Brett, two Kiwis attempting to Make It Big In New York with their two-man band. It ended after just two seasons, and that’s probably a good thing, because those seasons were Per-fec-tion. Absolute hilarity. Absolute joy. And songs that will never ever ever ever ever everrrrrr leave your head.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: Unfortunately nowhere for free right now, but you can buy via Amazon Video or iTunes.



Sticking with a theme, here’s another show featuring many musical segments and parody songs. I’ve written about this show and my epic love for it before, and it is starting to really catch on, but still. It needs more attention. More more more. Rebecca Bunch and her self-centred ways need far more attention. The whole lot is on Netflix, and a third season is upcoming.




Look, if you’ve never watched this then all I can do is silently point you in its direction and mouth “HOT. MEN.”. OK, that’s not the only good thing about it (but they do help). I never thought I’d love this type of show just so, SO much. It follows Dean (not Dean from Gilmore Girls) and Sam (actual Dean from Gilmore Girls) as they hunt monsters, save people, and carry on the family business. There are vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, angels, the Devil, God, and clowns, and yet it somehow never flags. Never gets old. It’s just brilliant. And yeah…Hot Men.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: A few of the later seasons are free on My4, otherwise it’s sadly via Amazon Video, iTunes, or on DVD.



I only introduced myself to this show at the start of 2016, thanks to Netflix. Now that I’ve finished it, I fully understand why some of my friends were so jealous that I got to watch it from the start. The show follows Alicia Florrick as she returns to work in the wake of her husband’s public humiliation and incarceration. It’s all about lawyers, so there’s a lot of legalese, BUT: it’s never boring, it’s just plain amazing. There are some episodes that I swear could be right up there in Best TV Episodes Ever. And I never get tired of good old Colin Sweeney.



A list of 9 TV shows that you probably haven't watched, but that you REALLY should.



This began back when I had just become a mum, and was legit THE scariest thing I had ever seen on TV. My mum and I got addicted to it, subtitles and all (it’s 100% in French). Long story short: the dead start returning to a mountain town in France. Nobody knows why, or how, but here they are – exactly as they were before they died, but Returned. Each episode is a masterclass in tension and mystery and what-the-gubbins-is-going-on-here. There were only two seasons in the end, but the finale is perfection. Oh, and the soundtrack by Mogwai is likewise. Netflix holds the US version of the show, but it’s nowhere near as good. Nowhere. Near.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: Unfortunately nowhere for free right now, but you can buy via Amazon Video or iTunes.



Critically, this show did really well last year. In reality, I only know one other person who’s watched it. Which is a CRIME. This is one of the best short series I have ever, ever seen, and even my husband sat and happily binge-watched it with me. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is both the writer and the main star, and she is fantastic. The show follows a young woman (Fleabag) whose best friend has recently died. It’s a dark, dark comedy about a woman who masturbates to Barack Obama’s speeches and thinks a man loves her because she let him do anal. It’s BRILLIANT. Oh, and it also features Olivia Colman as a completely evil stepmother. Totally evil. I’ve never, ever hated the woman before. Oh OH, and it also has a conversation between Hugh Dennis and Fleabag which is the best thing you’ll ever, EVER see.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: Via the iPlayer



Ever wondered about the mental health and issues of famous women from history? Of course you haven’t. But this show will make you 100% wonder why the hell not. Rebecca Front plays the therapist who has to deal with all sorts of horrendous clients, from a repressed and disgusted Beatrix Potter to an incredibly irritating Audrey Hepburn. It will make you LAUGH. And LAUGH. I cried the first time I saw Mark Gatiss as Joan Crawford, and almost suffocated at Michelle Gomez’s incoherent Mary Queen Of Scots. And y’know what? It’ll teach you something too – I happily spent hours after some episodes reading up on some of the women.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: On NowTV for free (with subscription), otherwise via Amazon Video or iTunes.



Another show that was critically revered (apart from the second season) but which doesn’t seem to have been viewed by anyone I know. It gets quite dark, and quite heavy, but (in my opinion) both seasons are great. Each follows an entirely different story – season one is set in the bayou and follows Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as they hunt a serial killer, and season two is set in a fictional version of LA and follows Vince Vaughan, Colin Farrell, and Rachel McAdams on a storyline about corruption. Look, I won’t lie, both seasons are pretty complex and it does not help to be a bit tipsy when you watch, but still: both are great in their own ways, and should be enjoyed by all.

WHERE CAN I WATCH?: Unfortunately nowhere for free right now, but you can buy via Amazon Video or iTunes.


A list of 9 TV shows that you probably haven't watched, but that you REALLY should.

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  1. Cassie - Gorgeous George's Mama

    21st May 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Oooh some fab tips there. I’m a self confessed tele addict and Netflix is so dangerous for me. I’ve binge watched The Walking Dead, Prison break, The Crown, Orange is the New Black and Black Mirrors. Currently working my way through 13 reasons why. I wrote a post on my top box set addictions you might wanna check out for inspiration. I can’t do scary though. I reckon you would like The Santa Clarita Diet though if you like black comedy.

    1. viechoufleur

      21st May 2017 at 8:07 pm

      I have been considering The Santa Clarita Diet but wasn’t sure if I could stomach it! Even the trailer made me feel a bit queasy which is odd for me. But I should give it a go. 13 Reasons Why and The Crown are on my list too 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!

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