Little Loves #1: Lippie, Trains, Bakes

Little Loves


I’ve decided to join in with the Little Loves Friday link-up as hosted by Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. It’s a lovely little linky with a great and simple purpose – talk about your little loves throughout the past week!

This week has been…interesting. It’s been our first half-term, which has been a challenge, but a fun challenge. It’s been stressful thanks to a huge life change which I will detail further in a future post. And it’s been slightly sad thanks to a bad back and bout of insomnia meaning that TD and I couldn’t travel to Kidtropolis as planned. Ah well. On with the little loves…

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Poorly Skin: How To Fix A Post-Sickness Face

Poorly Skin: How To Fix A Post-Sickness Face


A few months ago I was poorly with a bad bout of tonsillitis. This isn’t anything new for me – I usually get it at least twice a year – but it was a HELLA painful bug this time that left me totally miserable and only able to eat soup and ice cream. For ten days.

I’m sure you can imagine the sorry state of my face after that varied diet of lactose, sugar, and liquidised vegetables (ok, the vegetables part wasn’t too bad). It wasn’t a pretty sight. Not that I had a breakout or anything, thankfully. There were a few little spots. But overall my skin was dehydrated, clogged, dull, and grey. So delicious. So attractive. Ha. And so I embarked on a mini mission to restore it back to some semblance of health.

For me, the routine I came up with was nothing short of a damn wonderful miracle. Obviously ingesting water and a much better diet once I could swallow played a part, but the difference in my skin after an hour or so with my products was ridiculous. Sometimes to feel better you need to feel as though you look better, y’know? And that’s what happened. I was practically SKIPPING with soft glowing skin and a return to facial health.

So that’s what I’m sharing with you today! Had a bad cold? Horrible sickness bug? Been confined to bed with flu? This is what you need to blow the cobwebs away and emerge again looking like YEAH I’VE TOTALLY BEEN ON A SPA BREAK FOR A WEEK.

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This Is Why I Think I’m Disgusting



This is a post about feeling disgusting. It’s a whole new level of personal for me – opening up about having to take medication for depression was a fairly big step, but this post is on a whole other plane. I’ve written briefly in the past about my relationship with my body, but that only skimmed the surface, really. I feel on the verge of panic just thinking about pushing “Publish” on this post.

Why? Because these are things I never really admit to anyone. Anyone. But, I do feel that it’s important to take the step towards doing so. And, I think it’s incredibly important that people know that it is not just me who feels this way. There are thousands, millions of us women who feel this way, who are subjected to the type of comments that I will detail below. This fantastic piece by Amy Jones highlights much of the complex relationship that many women have with their bodies. And, well, this post attempts to partly explain mine.

Here we go then. Deep breath.

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Weekly Meal Plan #2

Weekly Meal Plan


Our household stuck like glue to last week’s meal plan, which was brilliant. Often there are weeks where some nights we just don’t fancy cooking. And there are definitely weeks where things collapse spectacularly as the weekend and the possibility of pub lunches approaches. Having such a strict budget did us good last week though. Another huge Win from last week: TD ate every meal with us, and enjoyed them all!

This week, the budget wasn’t so strict. I’ve included some new recipes that aren’t tried-and-tested, or that can’t just be put together from cupboard stock. There are a few old favourites – the Bean Burgers that we’ll eat on Saturday are the best EVER. In the main though I’m looking forward to a bit of experimentation.

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The Spice Diaries: Cinnamon

The Spice Diaries - Cinnamon


Last month The Spice Diaries looked at turmeric and its usage in many different-to-the-norm recipes. I HUGELY enjoyed testing out those recipes and discovering just what turmeric was capable of, so getting started on this month’s Spice Diary was something I eagerly anticipated this month.

And this month is October! The weather is autumnal, the leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, and hygge is everywhere. Surely October’s instalment of The Spice Diaries is crying out to be focused on cinnamon! Warming, fragrant, cosy and cuddly; cinnamon evokes Christmas and all of winter’s finery. Below I’ll be summarising cinnamon’s origin and uses, before moving onto the important part: THE FOOD.

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